Eivind Helgerød

Award Winning Music Producer & Drummer


Producer / Drummer / Creator

Eivind Helgerød is a music producer, bandleader, musical director, and drummer who works alongside some of the most well-known artists in Norway. In 2014, he gained major notoriety as the producer for the No. 1 Norwegian album with Emilie Nicolas’s I’m Like A Warrior, which won two Norwegian Grammy Awards. He also produced Nicolas’ second album, Tranquille Emile, which also received two Grammy Awards in 2018.

As a producer and drummer, Eivind has worked on over a dozen award-winning albums and songs stretching back a decade to “Pstereo,” in 2013. Other well-known artists that Eivind has worked with include Astrid S, Cezinando, Bernhoft, Jonas Alaska, Kristian Kristensen, Big Bang, No. 4, and Eva Weel Skram. His co-production with Cezinando, et godt stup I et grunt vann, was nominated for hip hop album of the year during the 2020 Norwegian Grammy Awards.

Since then, Eivind has built a reputation as a pioneering spirit in shaping the future of music and is a trusted partner to artists, labels, and creative talent who lean heavily on his ability to connect audiences with art that ignites inspiration, passion, and unforgettable musical experiences.

Not only is a Eivind a brilliant mind in the studio, he is also highly sought after for his live performances as a drummer, playing concerts and headlining the biggest festivals across Scandinavia and the US. He regularly tours with the artists he produces for, serving as their musical director or band leader, and loves making each performance an electrifying, unforgettable experience.

Eivind holds a master’s degree in jazz music performance from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2015

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